Fee for service

By Acute Accounting Solutions, LLC

The journey

We took a deep dive into a client’s substance abuse program and discovered lots of room for improvement.  We’ll walk you through some of the details, how we can help, and why we love what we do.

The challenges

A long waiting list, frustrated staff, and losing money.  The program was in danger of being shut down even though it was vital to the community.  The stakes are high.      

What to do… Do we shut down services and the program?  Is it possible to expand services, meet demands AND create financial stability?

What we reviewed

Group sessions and Individual sessions

Clients in different stages of treatment and different level of services

Staff with a variety of credentials

Various funding sources

Multiple referral sources

Community Impact

What we learned

Group services were being co-mingled

Clients’ needs were not being met

Production levels were not established

Billing was not being managed

Margins were not being evaluated

Staff was determining which clients to see and when

What we changed

Fill group sessions with one type of client

Book individual sessions immediately

Set clear production levels for the staff

Match services with the right staff

Ensure you are billing correctly

Review the margins and manage appropriately

$520K increase to the bottom line


  • Revenue of $730,000
  • Number of services 10,600
  • 7 Full-time equivalents

We started with long waiting lists, frustrated staff and managers, and financial uncertainty.


  • Revenue of $1,250,000
  • Number of services 17,800
  • 7 Full-time equivalents

We increased capacity, shrunk wait times, supported the staff, and significantly improved the bottom.

The Conclusion

  • We identified the components impacting the program and evaluated them
  • Created an opportunity for success by dissecting the information in a meaningful way
  • Helped the staff manage their program to provide more services, support staff, and let the organization prosper
  • The surplus generated will enable the organization to provide additional resources to support the program, and allow them to continue to work in the community
  • Maybe they expand services into other communities

There is nothing more rewarding then helping our clients!!!

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