A Comparison

In house

  • Staff turnover
  • Constant changes in process
  • Inconsistent information
  • Untimely reporting
  • Old and antiquated systems


  • Eliminate Staff turnover
  • Consistent procedures
  • Leverage technology partnerships for best in class systems
  • Timely and accurate reporting
  • Scale to your needs now and in the future

How do I know I have the right team and systems working for me?

You have a good team and systems in place when you have:

  • Accurate and Timely Financial Statements.
  • Finance is customer support for your personnel and key stakeholders
  • Finance is a key member of your leadership
  • Your Finance team is striving for best in class solutions and becoming efficient and effective

We can help with a Financial Department Assessment

  • We can review your People, Systems, and Processes to…help make sense of what is happening, make recommendations, and help you create a roadmap to increase your financial competency
  • Insert roadmap picture

What can a CFO can do for my organization?

  • A CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is the person that looks to the future for your organization. They develop models, evaluate financial risks, and guide you financial decision making.
  • Elevate your strategy with a CFO
    • Growth initiatives
    • Capital planning
    • Board governance
    • Contract review
    • Strategic planning
    • Use data to make decisions

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