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You’re the expert on
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We’re the experts on
how business works!

Here’s our 30-second
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Acute Accounting Services can help you with…

The BIG Picture

The DATA ANALYTICS Detective Work

The DAY-TO-DAY Number Crunching

The TECH Advantage


It’s all about discovering the key insights to help you manage your business better.

Partner with Acute Accounting Solutions, and our technology-driven accounting solutions will provide the key insights needed so you can streamline your business to become:


Acute Accounting Solutions

Providing data insights to help your business succeed

Business is like a “write your own adventure” story. Make the right choices along the way, and the story has a happy ending. Financials are the “map” you need to follow to navigate your business to achieve success. It’s our job to read your business’s complex financial “maps”, strategically navigate you through any scenario, and get your business to that happy ending. When your business is ready to turn the page, Acute Accounting Solutions will help you make the right choices.

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African American Accounting Advisor Woman Doing Taxes

WHY Acute Accounting Solutions?

We’re not your average cookie cutter accounting firm.  We’re a straight shooter with the strategic insights you need.  Our goal is to make the accounting function equal parts pleasant and profitable for you.  We truly love what we do, and we think you’ll love working with us for these 6 reasons…


A full-service accounting firm with 30+ years’ experience serving small-to-midsized businesses.


Leveraging technology to help make your business more efficient, more transparent, more profitable.


Our services include outsourced accounting, business development, fractional CFO functions, and technology optimization.


Clients assigned a personal Acute Accounting Solutions contact to manage the account.


Our reputation means everything to us, so integrity and professionalism are our bywords.


We specialize in non-profit firms, as well as a generous selection of B2B and B2C companies.

Free 1-hour consultation

Let’s sit down for an hour and hear your story.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Everything from your “big idea” to your smallest hiccup.  Ask us questions.  Pick our brain.  For 60 minutes all the strategic insights are on the house.  The food for thought might be more like a banquet.  We’re good at what we do, and we want to help YOU!

Who We Serve

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What Our Clients Say

“As a non-profit, De recommended to us that we needed to maintain more on-hand working capital. That one recommendation was critical to our success in weathering the pandemic. If we didn’t have working capital on hand, we would have had to immediately cut staff members. By maintaining a generous working capital total, it gave us the gift of time, allowing us to think things through and make decisions that were in the best long-term interest of the company.”
Andy C. & Bruce M.,
Urban Promise
“The financial projections you helped me calculate and the expense cuts you suggested have helped me stay afloat while my storefront is being renovated. I wouldn’t be here without you.”
Nick W.,
Stone’s Beer & Beverage Market
“As our architecture firm matures, I needed help navigating the process of partners retiring, etc. De helped me structure the organization to accommodate these changes, and this new structure has set us up for growth and success moving forward.”
Josie C.,
Studio 5 Partnership Architects/Planners
“De’s experience with non-profit clients was instrumental in preparing us for our non-profit audit. She helped us prepare a detailed budget and guided us to make strategic organizational decisions so we would be in a strong financial position for the coming year.”
Brian L.,
Food Trust
“As an HBCU that received a generous contribution from Makenzie Scott, we wanted guidance on how to best manage that money. De’s assistance was invaluable. It was so helpful having a financial professional on my team that I could bounce ideas off of.”
Ava W-B.,
Lincoln University Foundation
“As a start-up, I looked to De to help realign my thinking on how to find my niche in a competitive field and become profitable. She helped me think about how to accurately recapture costs and calculate proper rates.”
Marc D.,
Movers For Me

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Acute Accounting Solutions is a technology-forward accounting firm helping clients thrive in today’s complex business environment.  Our aim is to leverage technology to help you succeed today while preparing you to forge ahead tomorrow.