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Acute Accounting Solutions puts technology front and center as the pivotal element to empowering small businesses to grow. Our accounting and business consulting services are top-notch, and when paired with cutting-edge cloud innovations they allow you to access real-time information to make the most informed business decisions each day.

When you partner with Acute Accounting Solutions, we have the capability to scale to your needs now and in the future. So, no matter how your business changes and grows over time, Acute Accounting Solutions will change and grow with you. With Acute Accounting Solutions, you can be confident that your business will always have the “right-sized” support team in place. Now that’s a true partnership!

We believe that small businesses deserve the same resources and opportunities that big businesses have, and we are eager to provide that support.  Acute Accounting Solutions started as a small business, so we know first-hand the challenges small and mid-sized business face.  We are passionate about empowering business owners to pursue their goals and do more of what they love by providing their business with top-notch accounting and consulting services all supported with cutting-edge technology.


Our comprehensive slate of Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping Services establish effective routines, manage efficient processes, and make transitions easy.


Our Business Development & Consulting Services use data analytics to spot weakness and trends and develop new strategies to improve growth and profitability.


Our Fractional CFO Services look ahead with a strategic eye to help you embrace change, expand your business, and improve profitability.


Our Technology Optimization Services help keep your record keeping complete, timely, and organized, so the data is always meaningful and relevant.

Acute Accounting Solutions

Improving the way you do business with technology-driven accounting solutions.